Segmental Duplication Database
A global analysis of human segmental duplications (> 90% identity and >1kb in length).

Feb 2009 (Build37) Published finishing human genome

March 2006 (Build36) Published finishing human genome

May 2004 (Build35) Published finishing human genome
July 2003 (Build34)

June 2002 (Build30)

April 2002 Update

August 2001 (oo33) Published working draft human genome


Duplication Browser (Build35 and build34)
UCSC Genome Browser with additional duplication-related data including SDD-similar sequences.

UCSC August 2001 Browser with additional duplication-related data including SDD-similar sequences. (Also available in August 2001 UCSC Human Genome Browser)

UCSC Human Genome Browser

Eichler Lab Homepage
More information and data from the Eichler Lab

Eichler Lab inhouse data

Code and protocol for segmental duplication analysis (WGAC)

For questions regarding scientific content, please contact Xinwei She, from the laboratory of Evan Eichler, University of Washington.


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