Segmental Duplication DB

This is an updated WSSD database of the WGS read depth analysis against all public clones from the April 5, 2002 public sequence freeze.

Data Downloads (Updated: April 5,2002)

The Final Whole Genome Shotgun Sequence Detection (WSSD) Database
This updated version consists of 9,488 regions from 3,648 clones representing 167.1 Mb of segmental duplications. Regions were extracted where a significant increase in WGS read depth was observed.  This data has been filtered for duplications and recently transposed common repeats such as L1P and HERV elements.  Due to the complex nature and interrelationships of the duplications we did not attempt to create consensi.  

Fasta files containing the duplicated sequence detected by WSSD
         (Unix gzip format)  (PC zip format)

Additional Data Access

Initial Read Depth Across Celera Multiple Alignments of Public Clones
Access to graphical representations of all 39,298 public clones screened for segmental duplications.

Second Pass with Consensus Across Putatively Duplicated Clones
Access to graphical representations of clones with putative duplications for which consensus sequences were generated. This includes average % sequence identity calculated over the consensus.