Segmental Duplication DB

Chromosomal Views
Inter and Intra chromosome duplications from the perspective of individual chromosomes. The assembly (WGAC) duplications (red and blue for inter and intra chromosomal respectively) are shown at 40kb and 94 percent.
chr1_40kb_94% PDF
chr2_40kb_94% PDF
chr3_40kb_94% PDF
chr4_40kb_94% PDF
chr5_40kb_94% PDF
chr6_40kb_94% PDF
chr7_40kb_94% PDF
chr8_40kb_94% PDF
chr9_40kb_94% PDF
chr10_40kb_94% PDF
chr11_40kb_94% PDF
chr12_40kb_94% PDF
chr13_40kb_94% PDF
chr14_40kb_94% PDF
chr15_40kb_94% PDF
chr16_40kb_94% PDF
chr17_40kb_94% PDF
chr18_40kb_94% PDF
chr19_40kb_94% PDF
chr20_40kb_94% PDF
chr21_40kb_94% PDF
chr22_40kb_94% PDF
chrX_40kb_94% PDF
chrY_40kb_94% PDF