Recent Segmental Duplications in Chimp

Parasight Views
Parasight views showing Inter&Intra Chromosomal Duplication Patterns 


General Views

Show General Views
General View of WGAC(>90% identity and >5KB in length) and Wssd(>10KB no gap) on all Chromosomes on a single page

Global View

Global View locations of WGAC pairs on all chromosomes(at different identity and length) on a single page

Simple Views

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Simple View of WGAC Dups pair locations ( >= 90% similarity and >= 1kb in length) for each Chromosome one chromosme per page

Scaled Views

Show Scaled Views Scaled Views of WGAC Dups (>= 90% similarity and >= 1kb in length) for each Chromosome. It shows the identity of the seq dup pairsas well as the chomosome of the paired sequence with color

Blowup Views

Blow up Views of WGAC pairs at different similarity and different size on each Chromosome

WGAC > 5kb and 90% identity

WGAC > 5kb and 95% identity

WGAC > 5kb and 98% identity

WGAC > 5kb and 99% identity

WGAC > 10kb

WGAC > 10kb and 90% identity

WGAC > 10kb and 95% identity

WGAC > 10kb and 98% identity

WGAC > 10kb and 99% identity

WGAC > 20kb

WGAC > 20kb and 90% identity

WGAC > 20kb and 95% identity

WGAC > 20kb and 98% identity

WGAC > 20kb and 99% identity

WGAC > 40kb

WGAC > 40kb and 90% identity

WGAC > 40kb and 95% identity

WGAC > 40kb and 98% identity

WGAC > 40kb and 99% identity

WGAC > 100kb

WGAC > 100kb and 95% identity