Recent Segmental Duplications in Stickleback

Parasight Views
Parasight views showing Interi and Intra Chromosomal Duplication Patterns 


General Views

  • General Views WGAC only
  • General Views WGAC and WSSD
  • General View of WGAC(>90% identity and >5KB in length) and Wssd(>10KB no gap) on all Chromosome
    Global View

    10k without chrU
  • 10K_and 90%
  • 10K_and 94%

  • 10k with chrU
  • 10K_and 90% with chrU
  • 10K_and 90% with chrU

  • 5k without chrU
  • 5K_and 90%
  • 5K_and 95%

  • Global View of WGAC(at different identity and length)
    Simple Views
    Scaled Views

    Blowup Views
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